Illustratior, I like drawing as a hobby.

Commission Prices


  • Human(Loli,Shota,Teenager,Adult)

  • Fan art

  • OC

  • Kemo/mimi/pokemon

  • Sonic official characters or Fan characters

  • NL/BL/GL

Don't accept

  • Realistic

  • R18

  • Gore(light gore is ok)

  • Powerful muscle

  • complex mecha


  • Flat color/gradient/no BG: FREE

  • Simple detail: $5-$20

  • Very detail: start at $40++(For example, rooms, bedroom, garden,etc. You can discuss with me later)


  • Bust: $20. Each extra character will be $10.

  • Full body: $40. Each extra character will be $30.

  • Complex character: $5 - $10.

Normal Scale

  • Bust: $35. Each extra character will be $30.

  • Thigh up: $45. Each extra character will be $35.

  • Full body: $60. Each extra character will be $50.

  • Complex character: $5 - $10.

Dark Tone

  • Thigh up: $32. Each extra character will be $25.

  • Complex character: $5 - $10.

  • Only thigh up scale.

Terms Of Service

  • Payment: PayPal (USD).

  • Total prices +transaction fee.

  • It’s PERSONAL commission use...please credit me properly. All works may be posed on the web to promote and also be used in portfolio (Downsizing+watermarking). For COMMERCIAL commission use please tell me first.

  • Canvas's size start at 2000*2000 pixel, 300 dpi, .png or .jpg.

  • I will start the works after I confirm your order + I’ve been paid. If payment is not received within 3 days your order will be cancel.

  • No set time for commission order completed but I will do my best all of order.

  • I will send the complete works to your email.

  • Refunds are available before the WIP process. Or if I have reason to cannot complete the commission, you will be refunded.

  • Work in process: payment-->sketch --> line art --> color --> End

  • This process is for full cg only : sketch-->payment --> line art --> color --> End

  • Please explain your order in EASY English TuT

How To Order

Contact me first, link in HOME page. And then fill out a form below.

Commission Order Form

  • Title: Commission

  • For: personal use/commercial use.

  • Type(s): chibi/bust/…

  • Number of Character(s):

  • Description: detail of character/posing/personality/expression/reference….

  • Age: Age of character.

  • Prop(s):

  • BG:

  • Paypal email: I will send an invoice to you after calculating the total prices.

  • Email: I will send the completed files to your email.

Finished Commissions

  • Click to see full size image.